What’s in the Workshop I Don’t Already Know?

A nice lady stopped by our booth at the Health Fair this week. She glanced at a flyer about the Oct. 10 workshop, and was offered one to take with her. She declined the offer, and with a tone of world-weary resignation, said, “We all know we need to eat better and exercise more.”

She would really benefit from the workshop. Actually, too many of us think we know what it means to eat better, but actually don’t. As to exercise, yes, many need to exercise more, but did she know what type of exercise is especially important for aging adults, especially women? It would have been fun to talk with her more about these topics, but she was already off to the next booth where there was a big plate of store bought cookies loaded with hydrogenated fats.

The two-hour workshop on Living Boomer Well Rules will be held at the Bend Senior Center from 6 to 8 pm on Oct. 10. The first half of the workshop will focused on how food promotes or prevents wellness. The second half will explore exercise, stress, and personal change in some novel ways. Our presentation includes numerous facts pertinent to older adults. Here’s a sample of some topics we’ll explore:

What do you think turned this woman into a zombie? Hint: It wasn’t saturated fats.


What is Superman’s secret for fat loss? Hint: It’s not a pill.


What can we learn from these geese to improve the odds of success reaching our personal goals? Hint: Do they share a similarity?


What can Peyton Manning teach about stress management? Hint: He’s doing it in this picture.

peyton manning

In addition to a stimulating workshop, for $20 you will learn things that will improve your wellness, plus get a free code to download The Wellness Club: A Journey To Health Beyond Healthcare, which has lots of information and resources about the Well Rules. We’ll provide healthy snacks and additional handouts at the workshop.

You can sign up with Bend Parks and Recreation here. We guarantee you’ll hear some things you don’t already know that you can use right away.

Join us!


Thanks to All

Thanks to All

Thanks to all of you who stopped by our booth during the Health Fair at the Bend Senior Center. We really enjoyed getting to meet so many of you and hear your thoughts about health and wellness. Bend is definitely home for many active, engaged, and informed older adults.

We especially appreciated several persons with diabetes who discussed how they are managing this challenge. One was a woman who plays tennis several times a week in addition to attending exercise classes. She knew her blood sugar and how to keep it in a healthy range even when doing vigorous exercise. Another was a Boomer aged guy who lost more than 50 lbs. after he retired. How did he do it? He’s hard-core for his health. He sold his car and truck and rides the bus or walks everywhere. He could tell exactly how long it takes to walk to many landmarks around Bend. Most days he walks at least 5 miles – rain, snow, sleet, or hail. And he self-educated himself on food choices.

What’s so noteworthy about these two is that they have taken their health into their own hands and are enjoying the results. This is a main theme of the wellness workshop we’ll be giving at the Bend Senior Center from 6-8 pm on Oct. 10. We’ll be exploring a range of health and wellness topics, and including specific insights for older adults like us. We guarantee you’ll learn something important to your well-being and enhances your ability to live long and thrive. You can register here.

 living well for boomers

Thanks also to the staff at the  Bend Senior Center and Bend Parks and Recreation for sponsoring the fair. They did a great job assembling a host of excellent resources who share a common goal to help our community be well.

We hope to see all of you again real soon.


See You at “For the Health of It”

See You at “For the Health of It”

We hope you stop by our tent at “For the Health of It,” the health and wellness fair that will be held on Tues., Sept. 24, from noon to 3 pm, at the Bend Senior Center.

The fair will offer all kinds of opportunities to improve your health. You can hear presentations from health and wellness experts, and also get flu shots and screened for diabetes and glaucoma, to name a few of the services that will available. You’ll find more details here.

Cascade Boomer Fitness will be at the fair, rain or shine, to talk about our upcoming two-hour wellness program, “Living Well Rules for Boomers,” on Oct. 10 from 6-8 pm at the Senior Center.

wellness fair

We look forward to meeting you and talking exercise and wellness.

We’ll be handing out free stress balls (while our supply lasts). They’re great to squeeze if you feel stressed because squeezing something can actually lower your blood pressure. And the balls are excellent for strengthening arthritic hands.

See you soon!





Diana & The Jellyfish

Diana & The Jellyfish

Last week, Diana Nyad, aged 64, swam 110 miles from Cuba to Key West. It’s a treacherous stretch of water with sharks, unpredictable currents, and stinging jellyfish. She did it without a shark cage and never left the water for almost 54 hours. Her accomplishment ranks right up there as one of the greatest athletic endurance feats of all time, for persons of any age.

Her first public words after walking onto shore and barely catching her breath were an important and inspiring message for all of us:

1. You’re never too old to follow your dreams
2. Never give up
3. It takes a team


As an older athlete, she defied all the odds. Aging experts, and even more so media sports pundits, were skeptical she could do it. Aren’t older people automatically fragile and losing physical abilities with each passing day? Diana proved we are more capable of doing more than we even know.

It took her five tries. On the previous four she had to be pulled from the water. On the fourth she was stung by a jellyfish that caused swelling, closing her airway so she couldn’t breathe, and turned her dream into a near death experience. Undaunted, she immediately started analyzing the lessons from her failed attempt and strategizing for a swim that would accomplish her goal and inspire the world.

That’s where the team came in, not just to feed her and cheer her along. While she was again willing to expose herself to sharks and poisonous jellyfish, she realized that just swimming in open water for so many hours was dangerous enough. Her goal was to swim the distance, not fight jellyfish. So a team designed a facemask to keep the jellyfish from threatening her airways, and scuba divers swam in front of her to clear as many of the jellyfish as possible.

We can all heed her lessons. Achieving our fitness and wellness goals require Diana’s determination and smarts. She analyzed what she needed to do, trained, organized her support, then did it.

We all have our personal jellyfish when it comes to excercise and wellness. Cascade Boomer Fitness is ready with the energy and expertise to help clear the jellyfish so you can get where you want to go.