Long Live Lower Legs

Long Live Lower Legs

Like a good friend, it’s easy to take the muscles in the lower leg between your knee and foot for granted. But they deserve a lot of attention, especially as we age.

In this video, CBFer’s are putting the lower legs through their paces, up, down, forwards, sideways. Watch all those movements in the feet. The originate from the powerful muscles below your knee.

Unless you are off your feet or floating in water, they are at work. They keep you upright and balanced when standing. They are the source of all your locomotion, whether walking or running. They stabilize your feet when you push, pull, and rotate. They absorb what is called the jolting “ground reaction force” when you descend from a leap or stumble.

CBFers can do lots of movements safely because they also possess the strength and flexibility developed from squats, lunges, tug of wars, walk aways, three dot hops, and similar exercises.

There’s a big payoff outside the gym – more power when needed for everyday tasks, better balance, fewer falls and improved athletic performance.