Jimmy’s Gym

Jimmy’s Gym

CBFers are lucky to have access to Jimmy Smith’s gym. There are lots of gym facilities in Central Oregon, but few like this one for exercisers of any age, And when it comes to older adult exercisers, it is the best there is.

When we started CBF over four years ago, we tried some classes at the public facilities, but it was soon obvious with the crowding, limited equipment choices, and hardwood floors that they were not an option. We approached some private facilities, but they had no interest in hosting an exercise program for older adults.

One day we spotted an ad on Craig’s List for gym space for rent during morning hours. The moment we first walked into Smith Martial Arts and Fitness, we knew this was the right place for what we planned.


Wrestling mats – Those mats, which are expensive, allow CBFers to safely develop balance, coordination, and agility in circuits, drills and games.  You can get on your hands, knees and backs to perform body weight exercises and stretches. You can fall and not get hurt.

Space – There is adequate open area to allow lots of movement, whether accelerating and decelerating (agility square), throwing medicine balls, pairs activities (ball and hoop), and in drills and team games.

Equipment – The gym has a wide variety of equipment, not just machines. The most advanced exercise science points more and more to the superiority of functional fitness, which is doing exercise that helps you be independent and useful in everyday life.  Functional fitness, combined with power training, is optimum for age 50+ adults.

Anchor points – Functional fitness exercises require managing a variety of loads and resistance while in different postures and planes of movement. The gym has plenty of anchor points to attach bands and tubes at the best height and angle to optimize your exercise.

The progress you make at CBF is due, first and foremost, to your consistent effort. And, yes, we have developed one of the most advanced and effective programs for older exercisers. But neither would be possible without Jimmy’s gym.