CBF Community

Enjoy these video profiles reflecting the range of cool people who train at Cascade Boomer Fitness. We’re proud of their dedication to fitness and accomplishments in and out of the gym. 

Glenn – Hard Corps

Glenn, age 70, is a great example of what can be accomplished through will power and consistent effort, no matter what your physical challenges might be.

Glenn was a Boy Scout, hiker, and camper in his early youth, then tennis player in college. He spent many years working as an entomologist while living in Lake Tahoe, where he pursued his true outdoor passion – alpine skiing.

The years of bashing through heavy Sierra and Cascade snow took their toll. He’s had major shoulder surgery, both knees replaced, and, most recently, his ankle fused. The ankle surgeries suspended his skiing.

However, Glenn wasn’t ready to give up his passion. He believed he might be able to get back on the slopes if he worked hard on his strength, mobility, and balance. So about a year ago, he started coming to CBF three days a week, no matter what – rain, snow, sleet or hail. No excuses.

Now he’s back on Mt. Bachelor, carving those turns.

Laureen – Grace & Grit 

Laureen, age 63, liked PE as kid, so much that she did the most sit ups in her class as part of the President’s national fitness program, and also learned archery and modern dance. Those were just harbingers of an impressive and very diverse exercise and dance history yet to come.

By the 1980s, Laureen was a professional belly dancer in Portland. Then, in the late 80s to mid-90s, her job as an IT/database/system administrator took her to the Bay Area in California, where she joined a women’s whaleboat rowing team with 8 rowers and a coxswain.  Each woman muscled a 15 lb. wooden oar to propel the 2500 lb. boat. She says the rowing technique was similar to crew, but whaleboat rowers are seated on a fixed bench, so in addition to burning muscles, the race to glory also included butt blisters.

Though the years, she’s frequented gyms for Pilates, boot camps, and ski training classes, and pursued outdoor activities like hiking, x-c skiing, kayaking, and picklelball.

And Laureen dances on – now flamenco.

Hildy – Fun, Fun, Fun

Hildy, age 67, says she was “unathletic” all her life. Being from southern California, she did some swimming, but that was about it. The closest she came to sports in her youth was being a scorekeeper for the baseball team.

In adulthood, she has enjoyed walking and gardening, but she just didn’t find what she was looking for in exercise classes – too repetitive and regimented.

Hildy decided she needed to try an exercise program again because, in her words, she felt “old and creaky” and “didn’t want to lean down to fill the cat bowl.” She found what she was looking for at CBF.

Hildy is exceptional. Unlike most CBFer’s, she had little experience with formal exercise. But, as you’ll see in this video, she’s a natural. She knows how to move and make exercise fun.



Caryl – Big Power in a Little Package

Caryl, age 61, started the path to exercise  playing with her brothers and sisters in the back yard. In high school, she was a cheer leader in the fall and played softball in the spring.

In early adulthood, she didn’t exercise a lot until she discovered Jazzercise, which she did off and on between babies. She found she liked group fitness, rather than working out at home, for the mutual support and camaraderie.

Over the past 30 years, Caryl became a dedicated exerciser for several reasons. She likes the way it makes her feel. Several years ago she had a serious neck injury so she especially likes to do upper body strength work for cervical stability and protection. Last but not least, she exercises because, in her words, “I wanna move.”

As you’ll see in this video, she moves really well and exercises hard, and not just in the gym – last summer she completed a triathlon.

Joanne – Hard Core Exerciser

A self-described tomboy in her youth, Joanne, age 76, was raised in the country, where her exercise consisted of climbing trees or walking up and down a hill to school. She never participated in school sports activities because girls were encouraged to cook and sew.

But her life changed when she moved to California in her early twenties. She blossomed as an outdoor athlete. She learned to ride horses, play tennis, and downhill ski. She did yoga and ran to stay fit.

Then Joanne discovered a passion for adventure in back packing, rock climbing, mountaineering and ski mountaineering.  She spent eight years as a cross-country ski patroller.

As she approached  ”senior” status, she realized that she needed to participate in more structured exercise so she could continue to keep her body moving, hiking and skiing. She says she now craves exercise for both her body and mind. Her job can be demanding and exercise keeps her centered.

As you’ll see in this video, she’s an experienced exerciser with excellent form. She’s had her share of injuries and physical wear and tear, including a broken ankle about a year ago, but you’d never know it. She’s hard core.

Ed – Aging Is Just A Flesh Wound

Ed, age 73, was working out with CBF before we even had a facility. In those days we exercised outdoors at Juniper park or in an empty room at a community center. He was a true pioneer in the Younger Games and valued member of our community of exercisers.

In his youth, Ed participated in track and wrestling. Although through his 20′s he didn’t exercise much, in his mid-30′s he realized he needed to get back into a gym routine to augment his outdoors pursuits – back packing, mountain climbing and cross-county ski racing (including 7 marathons). He’s maintained a regular gym routine ever since.

Today Ed exercises to maintain muscle strength, cardiovascular health, coordination and mental health.   “It’s all a gestalt,” he explains. “They all contribute to total health.” He still skis, bikes and hikes with his dog every day.

He lives the words in this song. He’s gets up and nothing gets him down.

Cindy – Always Athletic

Cindy, age 57, was always athletic. She started as a kid with backyard games, then moved onto organized sports like softball, basketball and tennis in high school. Nowadays she spends her time hiking, snow shoeing and kayaking.

She moved to Oregon a couple of years ago after leaving a stressful job as a manufacturing engineer for a medical device company. That gave her the time to re-focus on her physical training, which she realized was necessary as she aged to maintain muscle mass to sustain her active lifestyle.

To accomplish this goal, she searched for an alternative to the traditional gym. She discovered the fun people, sports drills, and diverse and challenging format of the Younger Games worked for her. As you’ll see, Cindy’s outstanding effort in the gym has paid off – she’s an inspiration to her friends at CBF and, like always, very athletic.

Tracy – Return of the Jedi

Tracy, age 61, returned to exercise at CBF because she was on a mission – after a year long break from exercise to be a care giver for an older relative and to recover from her own surgeries, she was determined to gain back her strength, flexibility and balance.

As a young girl, she swam, participated in a bowling league, and danced ballet. But by high school, she became less active, mainly because she felt that she had limited athletic skills and also school sports opportunities were few and far between for girls in those years.

As you’ll see, she’s accomplished her mission. Outside the gym she hikes with her dog and horseback rides. In the gym, she’s dedicated, determined and athletic, a true Jedi.