Training with CBF

Training with CBF

Our goal is to help you attain a high level of fitness and have fun doing it.

We do a wide variety of exercises using body weight and equipment in circuits, games, drills, and obstacle courses. Check out these videos:

Limitations of Our Expertise

If you have a pre-existing musculoskeletal or medical condition, we will not be able to cure it. We are not physicians, chiropractors, or physical therapists.

However, we can help you improve your physical fitness. If you have exercise recommendations/limitations from your healthcare professional related to a pre-existing injury or illness, please advise us what they are prior to participation in a class at CBF.

Exercise Risks

If we are aware of limitations you have, we try to modify a particular exercise or find an alternative. However, due to the fact there are numerous exercisers participating in our group classes at CBF, we will not always be aware of all your issues. It is your responsibility to avoid any movement or level of exertion you think could be harmful to you.

Due caution is advised to exercisers with artificial joints, especially if you have not performed vigorous exercise since your procedure.

You are also encouraged to talk to your medical provider to be aware how any medication(s) you take will impact your ability to exercise.

Know Thyself

Just as important as knowing your pertinent medical history is knowing yourself – your weaknesses,  being able to recognize when you are exerting too hard, ability to maintain self-control when performing in front of others, and to hold competitive instincts in check that might harm yourself or others.


Our games are spirited, but only semi-competitive. Our goal is exercise, more than scores. Based on our experience, older exercisers are more prone to injury if they are overly competitive.  Our goal at CBF is for you to get fit, not hurt.